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Painting Bath Tubs Tiles & Spa's

Bath 677 Supergloss is a two-pack, non-yellowing polyurethane. It is extremely hard wearing and is resistant to soaps and acids and is resistant to hot water and is ideal for use in bath tubs, spas, tiles and laminates.
1. Wash thoroughly with sugar soap and rinse with fresh water. Allow to dry completely. (Usually 2-3 days at 20°C.)
2. Wipe surface with 669 FX150 Thinners.
3. For baths and other metal surfaces treat any rusty areas with a rust converter. Leave to dry for at least 6 hours.
4. Any chipped or damaged areas should be wiped with 643 Ceramaglass and then filled with an Epoxy Filler or an Automotive Body Filler. When the filler is hard, sand with 80 grit ‘wet and dry’ sand paper to a smooth, level finish. Wipe this area again with 669 FX150 Thinners.
5. Apply 1 coat of 643 Ceramaglass to entire surface as per instructions Allow to dry for 1 hour. If the job is left for longer than 24 hours 643 Ceramaglass will need to be re-applied.
6. Apply 1 coat of 678 Universal Undercoat. Leave to dry minimum 8 hours at 20°C. Sand smooth using 400 grit ‘wet and dry’ paper and wipe with thinners.
7. Apply 1st coat of 677 Supergloss in choice of colour. Leave to dry 8 hours. Sand smooth (wet & dry 400), wipe with thinners.
8. Apply the second and final coat of 677 Supergloss.

Notes: This coating system can achieve excellent results when applied by brush or mohair roller. A roller will produce a slight stippled or textured finish. A high quality brush will produce a smooth almost new look to the final coats. We recommend the use of a half face respirator whilst brushing or rolling these products. If painting in a bathroom remember to provide good ventilation.

An almost flawless finish can be produced by spray applying the products. However, it is ESSENTIAL that when spraying 678 Universal Undercoat and 677 Supergloss that you ensure that you are fully aware of the risks and precautions involved in spray painting isocyanate containing coatings.
We do not recommend spray application by the do-it-yourself applicator.

Where possible such painting should be done in an approved spray booth. An independent air supplied full face respirator complying with AS/NZS 1715 ‘Selection, use and maintenance of respiratory protective devices’ should be used. Once painted the coating system requires 7 days to fully cure (at 25°C). Do not use the bathtub or expose the surface to water, steam, heat or chemicals during this period. Try to prevent the ambient temperature falling below 10°C for this time. A minimum temperature of 15°C would be preferred.

Avoid painting onto very hot or cold surfaces. The surface temperature must be between 10 - 30°C. Do not apply when humidity is above 80%. As surface temperatures, especially for metals, are usually below the air temperature when cold we normally suggest avoiding this type of restoration work in colder weather unless heating can be maintained for the 7 day period.

Avoid brushing horizontally on sides of bath as sagging may occur.
Coverage of 678 Universal Undercoat is approx. 10-12m2/litre and 677 Supergloss is approx. 12-14m2/litre (per application.)