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Preparation of New Hardwood Timber

There is such a high demand for durable exterior timbers, that many hardwoods, now sold, are not well enough seasoned. This coupled with the fact that, by nature, many hardwoods are very close-grained, extremely dense, high in tannin and sometimes quite oily means that correct surface preparation is crucial if you want your timber finishes to protect and enhance your timber as they were designed.

Poor surface preparation will result in poor adhesion and lead to premature breakdown of whatever timber finish you apply. Also, if timbers which are high in tannins are not seasoned well, tannin bleeding through timber finishes may occur.

How should new hardwoods be prepared?

1. Oily timber should be wiped with mineral turps or white spirits.

2. Wash timber several times with fresh water to flush out surface tannins. Apply 683 Timber Clean diluted with 8 parts water, using brush or broom. (If surface is badly stained use stronger mix.) Leave the 683 Timber Clean on the timber for 10-20 minutes, then, while brushing, rinse liberally with fresh water. Leave 2-3 days to dry thoroughly.
The 683 Timber Clean will clean the timber, draw out more tannin and open up the grain.

3. Apply 1 coat of 649 Deeptreat by brush or by pad applicator. Make sure end grains are particularly well coated.

Leave for 6-12 weeks for the timber to continue its natural seasoning process. Some slow drying timber species e.g. Yellow Balua and Spotted Gum, require up to six months minimum weathering before treating.

The 649 Deetreat controls the release and absorption of moisture to help minimise splitting, warping and surface checking of the timber while it is being allow to weather.

4. After weathering process is completed, repeat steps 2 and 3.

5. Your timber is now ready to be treated with your choice of timber finish.

For further information, please refer to the 649 Deeptreat and 683 Timber Clean Product Data Sheets.