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Transform your old Wine Barrel into a show piece

Unpainted Wine Barrel Painted Wine Barrel

We have the right products to transform your wine barrels: Ensure surface is clean and free from oil, grease and other contaminants. Sand the timber surface with 150 grit sand paper to provide a smooth surface for painting. Remove all dust.

Apply 1 or two coats of 520 Implement Enamel to metal bands. Use masking tape to protect the wooden parts of the barrel.

Apply 1 or two coats of 655 Marine Varnish to the wooden parts of the Barrel following the Data Sheet instructions for 655 Marine Varnish.

Special Notes:

Read individual product data sheets before proceeding.
Do not paint if air or surface temperature is below 10C or above 30C, or in extreme humidity.
Avoid painting in direct sunlight and do not paint if rain is imminent.