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Paint Film Thickness

A guide to Topline’s products and specifications for painting a range of projects including Grape Bins, Winery Equipment, Farm equipment etc.

Paint film thickness may be measured in two ways;

1) Wet Film thickness – the thickness of the paint film while wet and immediately applied
2) Dry Film Thickness – the thickness of the dry paint film after the solvents/water have evaporated.

Wet Film Thickness: This table gives the wet film thickness required for a specified coverage.

m2 / Litre
Wet Film Thickness
Wet Film Thickness
mils (Thou)
16 63 2.5
14 71 2.8
12 83 3.3
10 100 3.9
8 125 4.9
6 167 6.6
4 250 9.8
2 500 19.7
1 1000 39.4

Dry Film Thickness: Dry Film thickness is calculated from the wet film thickness using the “Volume Solids” of the paint. Volume Solids is expressed as a percentage. It is the volume of the solid material (ie the material left behind when the paint drys) of the paint.

Dry Film Thickness = Wet Film Thickness x Volume Solids (%)
Wet Film Thickness μm Wet Film Thickness mils (thou) Coverage is given in Square meters per litre.
Film Thickness is given in both microns (μm) and the older units of mils or thou's.
One Mircons (μm) is 0.001 of a millimetre / mm. One thou or one mil is 0.001 of an inch.