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What is Dinohide?

Waterproofing Membrane System. There is no better way to protect a property than to coat it with Dinohide.
955 Dinohide is a water based paste that's applied on site, directly from the container. You apply it just like paint with a brush, spray or roller. And on the surface it looks just like paint however the extraordinary thing about 955 Dinohide is that as it dries it forms a 100% waterproof protective membrane finish. Like paint, Dinohide goes straight on, dries quickly, and is easy to clean.

955 Dinohide comes in a range of attractive colours and is very suitable for a high quality decorative finish, is user friendly and contains no harmful additives. It is resistant to micro-organisms, prevents the growth of bacteria and mould and is not affected by Ultra violet light. 955 Dinohide is a 100% Australian made product and has a twelve plus years of life for a revolutionary new coating. 955 Dinohide has a wide variety of applications such as: Grain and rice silos, concrete and brick wall cladding, mining equipment, Storage tanks, oil refineries, structural steel, retaining walls, Concrete roofs, tennis courts, bitumen roofs, metal deck roofs, stone Chip repairs, wet areas, repairing gutters, roofs, non slip deck coating, canvas coating for caravan annexes, tents and Tarpaulins, asbestos encapsulation, complete waterproofing, shower Recesses & flashings.

Surface preparation: All Surfaces: All surfaces must be clean, dry and free of dirt, grease, oil or other contaminants which could weaken or repel adhesion. Iron and steel: Grease or oil on the metal surface must be removed with a Wax and Grease remover. It is not necessary to shot or sandblast the metal as a thorough wire bushing will be adequate. Make sure all dust and dirt is removed, then apply a liberal coating of Topline Metal Primer. Failure to properly coat the metal with Primer will result in surface staining. Rusty steel or iron: 955 Dinohide is designed for use over rusty metal on site. Remove loose rust and paint particles with wire brushing. Sound areas of remaining paint should be roughened to obtain a good mechanical key. Loose flakes or corroded metal must be chipped away. A full layer of Topline Metal Primer is then applied at a coverage of 10 sq.m/litre. Galvanised iron: Grease or oil on the metal surface must be removed with a Wax and Grease remover. Treat with 812 Sama Galvguard Primer and then apply 955 Dinohide. Sound, previously painted or primed surfaces: The old paintwork should be thoroughly scrubbed with detergent and water, then sanded or wire brushed to ensure mechanical adhesion. Wooden surfaces: Use 824 Acrylic Undercoat first. Treat previously painted surfaces as above. Concrete, brick, cement, etc: Brush and clear away loose deposits and make good any surface defects. Smooth surfaces (E.g. steel-trowelled concrete) to be mechanically abraded. Crumbling walls: The application of 955 Dinohide will prevent the erosion of weak, crumbling walls and will readily bridge hairline cracks.
Application of Dinohide: The correct way to apply 955 Dinohide is to lay on the material rather than brush it out. Two layers are essential for permanent results at a total coverage of 1.5 sq.m/litre. 'Brush finish' in one direction and as soon as it is dry, the second layer is laid on at right angles to the first ensuring a more uniform coverage. It is better to apply 955 Dinohide when the temperature is between 10C and 30C. Do not apply Dinohide when it is close to freezing or in damp rainy weather. A wide soft nylon brush is preferable. 955 Dinohide can be sprayed using most types of industrial equipment, airless spray being the most suitable. Do not apply over un-cured cement. Coverage and membrane thickness: One litre of 955 Dinohide has a coverage of 3 m. Two layers should be applied at a finished coverage of 1.5 m/litre giving an average film thickness of 350 microns D.F.T.(Dry Film Thickness) On roofs the total coverage should be 0.9 m/litre.

Cleaning brushes etc: Clean brushes immediately after use with water. Drying times: At normal temperature, 18C to 20C, Dinohide will dry and can be re-coated within three hours after application. In very cold or humid weather, allow overnight drying between applications. Do not apply while rain threatens. Do not apply at temperatures below 10C, or when the temperature may fall below 10C, during the drying period. At normal temperature, 16 hours drying is required to attain water resistance and 7 days drying to