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Forminex Standard Colours

Do NOT rely on this colour chart when choosing or comparing a colour choice.

This Colour Chart is placed on our Website to give our customer a very basic indication of the colour. These are just a few of the many colours that we able to make. Depending on the Make and Type of computer / monitor that you are viewing this on the colours will appear different.

Also available in Black, White and over 1000 custom colours

G101 Almond Ivory M109 Mission M129 Terracotta V113 Doe Skin N077 Sun Burst L134 Ruby X029 Sandstone S043 Green Haze H030 Sky Blue G162 Ash Grey N038 Turquoise K016 Blue Lake K162 Dolomite Y109 Emerald L017 Milford M157 Slate Y149 Brunswick Y111 Dark Blue