Anti Graffitti

Topline Paint has clear and coloured, non-sacrificial, graffiti resistant coatings. The Vitraform AQ is particularly good for exterior anti-graffiti uses.However if you are thinking about protecting your fence or painted wall from grafitti we might suggest you consider a different approach. Talk to us about that!




Forminex Vitraform AQ is an innovative new water based non yellowing, flexible, 2-Part clear fluro-acrylic coating. Originally formulated as an anti-graffiti coating, its excellent resistance to abrasion, chemicals, solvents and oils also makes it suitable for a wide range of other applications. As it is water based it can be used over a much wider variety of substrates than our older solvent based 2 Part coatings, is much lower in odour and much more environmentally friendly. Vitraform AQ dries to a smooth, easy to clean finish. Forminex Vitraform AQ is heat stable to 250C.

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Premium high-build, two-pack, water clear (non-yellowing) polyurethane for interior and exterior use. Has excellent UV chemical and abrasion resistance and long life gloss. Excellent non sacrificial graffiti resistant coating, for use over porous surfaces such as concrete brick, stone etc. Ideal as floor and timber coating where a non-yellowing finish is required.s.

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